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Professional photographer specialising in newborn photography.


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Storks Photography is a specialised newborn photographer. We now also have a Studio located in Nicholls, Feel Warm & Relaxing  & put your feet up while Kristy does all the work.

Storks Photography is owned and run by Kristy Farrugia, a professional photographer specialising in newborn photography. She finds pure joy in photographing gorgeous ‘squishy’ newborns and is professionally trained in newborn positioning and care. She has extensive experience working within both Calvary and Canberra Hospital with 100s of happy clients.

Feel safe knowing Kristy Farrugia is always up to date with her Working with Vulnerable People Card, Safety Practises & is always up to date with all her Immunisations & Flu shots. Kristy is also Fully Covid vaccinated.

About Kristy Farrugia

She is a mother of three, so understands newborns, and what it's like to be new parents.
She has a lot of patience and a gentle to touch. Her warm, friendly nature will immediately put you at ease and ensure your session is relaxing and hassle-free.

Newborn Photography

Storks Photography is Specialised in Newborn photography. We take pride in what we do & always eager to learn more.


Mini Sessions

Didn’t know about newborn photography? Don’t worry, why not check out our 5 Mini Sessions to suit your Babies’ milestone.


Watch Me Grow

Did you know most babies grow about 24 cm in the first year of their life. Let us capture your baby to remember how much they have changed.


Packages & Pricing

We offer a variety of different baby packages, with great pricing to suit all budgets, that are presented in beautiful Australian products.


Our Process

This is how we are going to do your session in these 8 simple steps:

  • Set up a File with all your Details & send you information you may need!
  • Lock in your Booking Date
  • Shoot Day
  • Show you your Images. (This is done on the same day as your shoot)!
  • Explain Products & Prices
  • Collect Payment & Order Products
  • Make Booking for Pick up Date
  • & if you wish to you can send us a photograph of your beautiful artwork on your wall.


Specialised & Professional
We are always learning how to keep your newborn safe during our sessions and also recognized as an Academy of Newborn Photography.
Fully Covid vaccinated
Kristy Farrugia is always up to date with all her Immunisations & Flu shots, also fully covid vaccinated.
Safe & Warm Studio
Enjoy the comfort of our safe, warm & relaxing studio, with only poisoning your newborn in safe and natural poses is our No.1 priority.
Relax & Hassle-free
Kristy's warm, friendly nature will immediately put you at ease and ensure your session is relaxing and hassle-free.
Owned and Run by Kristy
Kristy has extensive experience working within both North Canberra and Canberra Hospital with 100s of happy clients.
No Hidden Cost
Feel at ease having to know exactly what you are paying for before your session!


How long is the session?

From start to finish, Your session will take 2-4 Hours. In this time, I will take the photographs & go through all the packages & pricing.

Should I feed my baby beforehand?

Whether you are still in hospital or having your session in the Studio, I will plan with you to take the photos after your newborn has had a good feed and is sleeping, so they are nice and settled.

Should I put my baby in an outfit?

As clothes can sometimes date, I prefer newborns to be naked with just a nappy on. I hide the nappy with your choice of coloured blanket. But with that being said, I can take photos of your baby in one outfit, however please be aware I do not change their clothes as they tend to wake up and become unsettled.

What if my baby is unsettled?

I will always try to get at least a few photos so you have something, as you don’t have to buy a package and can purchase a single photo if you prefer. If your baby is very unsettled we can book for another day. Babies are usually unsettled on day 2 and 3 as they are starting to wake up a little and are usually waiting on your milk to come in. In saying that, not all babies are the same.

Can I get some family group photos with their siblings as well?

Yes, I do family and sibling photos, but please be mindful I work in school hours and your other children will need to be there at the time of the session.

What should I wear?

Choosing outfits can be a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. Firstly, it is important to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Secondly choose colours/tones that will complement each other and your home, avoiding logos and clashing patterns. I Also recommend you wear clothes that are in a similar colour palette to the colour of your session that you may have selected, you can also include Personalise family heirlooms &/or cultural items, etc. If you are not sure of your choice or have any questions, please let me know and i can send you some ideas.

Is Storks Photography up to date with all Immunisations?

Yes, To keep your newborn safe Kristy Farrugia is FullyCovid double vaccinated and maintains currency withall required immunisations, Safety Practices andWorking With Vulnerable People Card requirements.

Do you use good quality in your products?

Yes, for our smaller packages we use Professional Ilford Photo Paper, Smooth PearlGPSPP (310gsm) features the very latest HDR makes this the reference media for producing images withsuperb clarity, high sharpness and excellent colour gamut.

For our Albums & Wall Collections, We have a Brisbane base company that uses the only finest, high quality materials, that creates abeautiful finish that will last a lifetime of memories.

How long till I get my photos?

We have a pretty quick turnaround, but depending on the package you have paid for,Storks will send you your digital files with in 7 Business days from the day of your session,and your printed photographs you will receive within 21 business days from the day you place your order. However if you have selected one of our Albums or Wall Collections please allow up to 6 weeks.

Always open
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