Newborn Photography

Cherish your newborn’s first moments with our photography services.


Did you know?

Your newborn is only so small for the first six weeks!

So it is our job to capture your newborns crinkly feet & squishy button nose, all curled up just like as if they were still in the womb.

With our safe natural way of positioning your newborn to capture these lasting memories forever.

Feel Warm & Relaxing while Kristy does all the work.

Kristy finds pure joy in photographing gorgeous ‘squishy’ newborns and is professionally trained in newborn positioning and care. She has extensive experience working within both Calvary and Canberra Hospital with 100s of happy clients.

Feel safe knowing Kristy Farrugia is always up to date with her Working with Vulnerable People Card, Safety Practises & is always up to date with all her Immunisations & Flu shots. Kristy is also Fully Covid vaccinated, Keeping your newborn safe and your mind at ease.

We have 3 amazing packages

You just need to decide if you would like us to capture your newborn within the first 48 hours of been born, or would you prefer to settled in and come to our studio after a few days once things have adjusted.

My Fresh 48 Package
Print Me Package
All of Me Package
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