Introducing Nodiee: Harmonizing Your Baby’s World with Color and Sound

Why Does Storks Photography Love the Nodiee?

When you come into our studio, you will hear the Nodiee Shusher sound. When your newborn was in the womb, it was always so noisy with the mother’s blood moving around. The sound of a shusher actually mimics her blood flow. This is why newborns settle to this sound.


No matter what time of the day it is Nodiee can help your baby and family, settle into your routine using the different Colours.


Nodiee has 24 Sounds & Lullabies From white noise, Natures habitat to the soothing sound of shushing. Use these sounds for background noise, Play time, Nappy changing, Meditation to sleep.


If your out and about, don’t worry, Nodiee is Portable and Lightweight for you to take on the go. Just charge it up and off you go.

Our Promotion

You may use this code: ZZZ10. This is a $10 off a singular purchase and can be used once per customer. Please note that this code is only applicable for items $30 and above and this cannot be combined with other discounted offers or promotions. Visit the company website or  email to for more information.

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